12-year-old Kentucky Boy Dies In House Fire Trying To Save Pets

KENTUCKY – The Pulaski County Coroner’s Office has officially identified the boy killed in a Wednesday morning house fire.

Hunter Denny, who was 12, died in the fire on Keeney Road, east of Science Hill.

The coroner explained that a couple and their two children were living in the home. The parents and their 5-year-old girl managed to escape the fire. The family said that Hunter Denny decided to re-entered the home in hopes of rescuing pets, however he wasn’t able to make it back out.

Denny had been a 6th grader at Science Hill Independent School.

A family member stated to FOX 56 the fire likely started with a heat lamp kept on the back porch to keep pets warm.

If there is anyone who deserved a free ticket into Heaven, surely it would be Hunter Denny!