Rescued Lion Struggles to Sleep Without His Beloved Blanket

When Vicky Keahey, the savior of Lambert the lion, laid eyes on him for the first time in June 2020, what she saw was far from a majestic creature. Resembling more of a feeble puppy than a king of the jungle, Lambert found himself in a dire situation. A family in Texas had purchased him illegally and subsequently lost interest, leaving him in urgent need of rescue.

A Comfort Blanket: More Than Just Fabric

Vicky Keahey felt an immediate urge to intervene. She welcomed Lambert with open arms into her animal sanctuary, known as In-Sync Exotics. “The former owners mentioned that Lambert used to share a bed with their grandfather,” Keahey recalls. To provide a sense of comfort and familiarity, Keahey placed a soft blanket in a corner of Lambert’s new enclosure. To her delight, Lambert curled up on the blanket and fell fast asleep. “That blanket became a staple in his life, and I’ve made sure he’s always had one ever since,” she says.

Lambert is now two years old and continues to live under Keahey’s watchful eye, as his ability to survive in the wild is compromised.

Living Large: Lambert’s New World

Today, Lambert is not just surviving; he’s thriving. With access to an expansive 7,000 square feet of space, this once neglected lion has all the room he needs to roam freely. His new home comes complete with a sheltered den area, offering shade and protection from the elements, as well as a sunny, grass-covered playground that includes his favorite feature—a pool. “Lambert loves splashing around in the water,” Keahey notes.

As for his personality? “He’s full of ‘cattitude,’ just like any other two-year-old lion,” says Keahey. “When you interact with him, you know exactly where you stand. He’s active, playful, and a joy to be around.”

Rescued Lion Struggles to Sleep Without His Beloved Blanket

Lambert’s story serves as a heartwarming testament to the difference a little love and care can make in the life of an animal. It’s a narrative that resonates with all animal lovers, offering a glimpse of hope for other creatures in need of rescue.