Rescued Cat Grows Up with a Loyal Dog Companion

Debunking the Myth: Cats and Dogs Can Be Best Friends

The age-old tale that cats and dogs are born adversaries is not universally true, as evidenced by the heartwarming friendship between Mochi and Meeko. This unlikely pair shatters all stereotypes, proving that these two species can, in fact, become the best of friends.

The Beginning of a Unique Friendship

Mochi is a 2-year-old rescue cat, while Meeko is a 4-year-old Corgi. Their friendship took root when Meeko was close to turning 2. Mochi was found outside Meeko’s owners’ apartment complex along with his siblings and was subsequently rescued by the family. During the initial month, both Mochi and Meeko were cautious around each other. Their owner, Tung Le, observed this initial hesitancy and stated, “It took about a month for them to be fully comfortable around each other.”

As time passed, the ice broke and their friendship blossomed. “They’re best friends when they want to be. Occasionally they’ll annoy each other, but it’s all in good spirit and they chase each other around the house,” added Tung Le in an interview with The Dodo.

More than Just Pets: A Peek into Their Friendship

Anyone who has ever had a best friend or a sibling knows that a bit of annoyance and playful banter are essential elements of a strong relationship. This couldn’t be more accurate for Meeko and Mochi.

Their relationship has evolved into sharing blankets, enjoying the view of the world outside together, and even holding secret meetings under the furniture. Let’s not forget their playful attempts at “world domination” from the confines of their pillow fort.

Their interactions are so full of love and mutual respect that anyone observing them would say, “Aww, can you feel the love?” Indeed, the two are inseparable BFFs, and it appears that they will continue to be so for a long time to come.

In conclusion, the adorable friendship between Mochi and Meeko serves as a wonderful example that cats and dogs can coexist harmoniously. Not only do they coexist, but they also form bonds that are as strong and meaningful as any human friendship. So, the next time you hear that cats and dogs can’t be friends, think of Mochi and Meeko and smile.