14-Year-Old Cat, Once as Light as a Kitten, Now Revels in Endless Playtime

A Heartbreaking Discovery in Yuma, AZ

Raggedy Ann, a 14-year-old cat, was rescued from a dire hoarding situation in Yuma, Arizona. She shared a cramped double-wide mobile home with 40 other cats and 2 dogs. When Saving One Life, a rescue group in Chandler, Arizona, found her, she weighed a mere 3 pounds and 15 ounces.

old cat

Saving One Life Steps In

After spotting a photo of Raggedy Ann on social media, Saving One Life knew they had to intervene. The organization took her in, determined to nurse her back to health. The rescuers expressed their commitment on Facebook, saying, “She has a long road ahead to recovery, but we are willing to fight as long as she has.”

skinny old cat

The Path to Recovery

In just five days under foster care, Raggedy Ann gained 5 ounces. She soon began to purr when petted, receiving round-the-clock care and discovering what true love felt like. For two weeks, she was given subcutaneous fluids to ensure proper hydration. As love and care poured in, she regained strength in her legs and put on weight.

cat recovery

Slowly Embracing Love

Over time, Raggedy Ann grew more comfortable with her foster mom’s affection. Though still not a fan of head kisses, she gradually warmed up. Her rescuers updated her progress on Facebook, saying, “She isn’t flinching as much when her foster mom gives her kisses on her head now.”

bautifull senior cat

Rediscovering Playtime and Socializing

Raggedy Ann soon began socializing with other foster cats, climbing cat trees, and playing with toys. In just four months, she tripled her weight and looked stunning. Before long, she found her forever loving family. The day she was adopted, her rescuers shared the exciting news on Facebook, “Ms. Raggedy Ann found her forever home. Her new mom drove over an hour and a half to meet her and chose to adopt without even getting to touch her.”