15 Imperfect Purrfect Cats That We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off

Every kitty is beautiful in its own way. Whether it’s chubby, fluffy, big or small, even imperfect fur balls are a sight to behold. Just because some cat has a disadvantage or looks unusual doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be loved. They all deserve love and a chance, and the ones below got it.

The cats below might look unusual, but they will surely steal your heart. From the googly-eyed Potato to Loki’s vampire fangs, we give you the top 15 cats that are imperfectly purrfect.

#1 Googly eyes make Potato the cat look permanently startled, but his look is hypnotizing.

#2 Angry Grumpy Kitzia is not really angry. She’s a lovely little girl with bright emotions.

#3 As her humans say, Persian cat October is “taking over the world one blep at a time.”

#4 Loki’s fangs make her look vicious, but in fact she’s a snuggly little lady.

#5 Sheldon Thunderpaws has hydrocephalus, but that doesn’t make him look any less pretty.

#6 Ollie’s irresistibly crossed eyes have brought him more than 40,000 dedicated fans on his Instagram account.

#7 Miss Biscuits is a curvy lady, but don’t worry: she’s losing weight guided by her caring humans.

#8 Wolfie is not angry with you. This is his ordinary smile, and it’s absolutely charming.

#9 Amazing Narnia is a double faced kitty with double the beauty and charisma.

#10 Toby has a genetic disorder which makes his skin extremely loose, but this doesn’t take away from his natural beauty.

#11 Atchoum is a young Persian cat with excessive hair growth and excessive charm.

#12 Arlo looks totally purrfect and handsome for his loving humans and his followers on social media.

#13 Rexie is a “handicat” who has only 2 working feet, but he enjoys life just like any other cat.

#14 Wilfred looks a bit confused, but he feels totally fine surrounded by the love of his humans.

#15 Willow is a rescue cat who was born with a beautiful heart-shaped nose.