A Brisbane Cat Comes Back from the United States After an Adventurous and Expensive Journey

Ms. Hayter is a woman from Brisbane who was on an 8-month work secondment in Texas when the coronavirus pandemic paralyzed the USA last year. The Australian Prime Minister then announced that all residents in foreign countries should return back home. Unfortunately, flights were cut off pretty fast, and Ms. Hayter managed to book a spot on the last one. She had to leave a lot of stuff behind including her cat Indigo.

Before she could take him home, he needed vet work and clean documents. She cried and wasn’t sure if she’ll ever see the cat again. However, she was determined to get the cat home at any price.

A Luxury Tour of the USA

Indigo’s return back home started with a 2-month stay in Houston. She was shipped to Dallas next and loaded on a plane to LA. From there, Indigo had a 6-day trip to Melbourne, where she spent 2 weeks in quarantine. It finally landed in Brisbane after that and was overjoyed to be reunited with Ms. Hayter.

Of course, the adventurous journey wasn’t cheap. All the transfers, flights, and vet work cost Ms. Hayter north of $15,000, which is an insane amount to pay for pets. However, it’s a price many pet owners accept to be with their loved ones again. We hope that they spend their days together forever.