A Cat Helps a Wild Monkey Overcome Injuries and Depression

Anvi the wild monkey’s story is kinda sad, but with a happy end. After being injured, his family abandoned him, so the poor monkey was rescued by kind people and brought to an animal sanctuary in a bad shape. Anvi was apparently electrocuted and needed immediate help, and thanks to the vets in the shelter, she made a full recovery.

It was touch and go for some time, but Anvi persevered. Thanks to the efforts of the vets and staff, the monkey overcame the injuries and the depression that followed. Another animal helped as well – Billo the cat was instrumental in helping Anvi feel better. They became best friends not long after meeting each other and were inseparable. Since Anvi was scared without his family, Billo helped the monkey a lot.

He was depressed after his treatment, but Billo was there to make things better. Cats are quite compassionate with other animals in need, and Billo is the latest example. Thanks to him, the monkey is back to doing monkey business once again.