A Good Woman Feeds a Stray Cat for Months Before it Learns It’s Secret and Sad Story

We all know that a mother’s love knows no bounds. Mothers will jump into fire to protect their children, and a recent story from the China confirms it once again.

A woman was feeding cats for over 5 years in her neighborhood, but one day she met a cat that was totally different from the others. Every cat the woman fed ate the food instantly and asked for more. But not Dongsuk. Whenever the women left something for her, she would take the bag and take off somewhere. For a while, the woman had no idea where Dongsuk took the bags of food – she just though the cat likes to eat alone. The truth, however, was something that melt her heart.

The Curiosity Piques

In order to learn where the cat takes the bags of food every day, the woman decided to follow the cat. She filmed the cat’s journey nearby, learning that she recently gave birth to a litter of 5. That’s where she took all the food – to feed her kittens!

As soon as she learned the sad secret, the woman decided to help the cat. Watch the video of this sad story with a happy ending but be careful – it may melt your heart like it did ours.