A Grumpy-Faced Cat Makes Everyone in Shelter Fall in Love with Him

Grumpy faced cats are a mixed bag, even for cat fans. Their angry face has its fans, but it also has its doubters. However, that façade is no indication for what lies underneath. More often than not, these cats are pretty sweet, and Saul from London is the perfect example of it.

Saul was saved from the London streets and had a few minor injuries. He was brought in to the RSPCA by a bypassed who noticed that he may need medical help. After a vet checkup, it was revealed that Saul was in solid shape, so the kitty was given food and time to heal.

An Incredibly Unique Cat

From the moment Saul was brought to the RSPCA, it was clear that he was very unique. There was something under the grumpy face that attracted the staff to him. No one’s exactly sure if he was born like that or the grumpy face is because of past injuries. Whatever it is, everyone surely loves Saul.

As soon as he’s ready, Saul will be put up for adoption and moved to a shelter in Southall. Considering how much everyone loves him, we’re sure that he’ll find a loving home, even with the grumpy face.