A Kitten and Her Teddy Bear Steal the Hearts of Millions Around the World

Some kittens have it easy in life, others have it harder. The kitten with the teddy bear in the picture has had the worst possible start of life. She was born with twisted legs, but also with a spirit that’s determined to fight and overcome anything. The kitten and her buddy made the rounds on the Internet the past few weeks, warming the hearts of millions around the globe.

An Undying Spirit

Even if it was born with twisted legs, the kitten has an undying spirit that’s not meant to be broken. It was named Baby Quill by the staff at the shelter where it was born. Baby Quill is a true cuddle bug, and she’s always trying to push herself past her physical limits.

Two volunteers decided to give the kitten a chance when others already saw euthanasia. Zane and Mel worked on the kitten day and night, giving it massages and feeding it so it can grow strong. During each physical therapy session, Baby Quill persevered. Not a wince came out of its tiny mouth, and it had reasons to complain.

The poor baby was taken in by a resident cat – Pumpkin. She accepted her as one of her own, showing the tiny kitten with love. A few weeks after the therapies, Baby Quill fell ill with FIP. To everyone’s surprise, the kitten responded well to an experimental therapy, and has been fighting the infection like a lion.

Day by day, Quill is getting stronger and bigger. She made a new cuddly bear friend on her journey and they love posting for pics together. Quill is proof that no matter the odds, we should never give up in life.