A Nearly Frozen Kitten is Brought Back from the Dead by a Kind and Loving Couple

Every day, we read stories about kittens or pups that didn’t survive the winter. It’s tough for strays out there, but we’re glad that there are still kind people who choose to save a life instead of ignoring it.

Recently, a woman was walking her dog when she came up to a nearly frozen litter of kittens left on the street. The poor souls had no one around them – they’ve probably been abandoned by their momma. They didn’t really move and couldn’t have been older than a day. Nikki acted quickly and brought all of them to a vet with her husband.

After a quick checkup, they were put in appropriate care by the shelter’s vets. In just a few days, they were recovering properly. Nikki and her husband were very lucky that they saved their lives. However, after a week it was clear that one of the kittens is smaller than the others. It needed more help, so Nikki offered it.

They called the little guy Bagel and never gave up on him. It took some time, but Bagel was finally out of the woods. After a month of recovery and a lot of care, he was finally ready for adoption.

Check out the sweet story caught on video below. Isn’t Bagel a cutie?