A New Viral Cat Video Shows Meow Chef Cooking and Preparing Tasty Drinks

Cats are great at lots of things like hiding and avoiding humans when they feel like it. Up until now, we weren’t aware they were great at cooking as well. A recent cat chef has taken the Internet by storm lately, providing us with a slew of tasty meals and fantastic drinks.

The purr-fect chef is preparing several drinks in the video and is captioned as Yummy Yummy Meow. The 2-minute video shows the cat chopping off different fruits as well as chocolate to create delicious drinks. We just can’t get enough of the tiny paws chopping fruits – can you?

Over 20,000 Likes

The video clip has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times and already has 20,000 likes. Everyone’s impressed with the cat’s culinary skills. However, the real star of the video is the cat’s charm.

Of course, people have been going crazy with the comments, and asking about the recipes and ingredients. If you ask us, we wouldn’t mind for this chef to prepare our meals in a restaurant. Would you?


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