A Real Drama Queen – Cat Has Needy Reaction When Having His Claws Trimmed

TikTok is the Internet’s top spot for fun cat videos. One recently made the rounds after his owner posted the dramatic reaction to having the kitty’s claws trimmed. The two-year old Scottish Fold Munchkin named Fitzgerald Grant lives with his owners in Texas and is a real drama queen especially when they trim his claws.

The cat can be seen curled up on her owner’s shoulder, scared to death of the trimming. He always snuggles with his momma whenever there’s grooming to be done. He’s not aggressive or anything, but his reaction is priceless.

He Was Always Like That

His owner, Courtney Tamborello-Lewis, says that all grooming makes Fitzgerald like that. Whether it’s blow drying or trimming nails, he always has a needy reaction and must snuggle to overcome the fear. It’s cute and fun at the same time.

While most owners don’t trim their cats’ nails, the Humane Society of the USA says that trimming them is essential. Experts say it’s an important step of maintaining your pet’s health. It also protects your sofa and other valuable items in your home.

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Regarding the video which has 7 million views, other TikTok users have said that they’ve never seen a sadder cat before. He’s so dramatic and we love it – to be honest, we can’t wait for Fitzy’s reaction to blow drying.