A Semi-Feral Cat Finds a Loving Home After Spending Years on the Street

People usually run away from feral cat colonies, thinking they’re too feral to interact with humans. No one wants to get hurt, but feral colonies are becoming a true problem around the world. They are overcrowded since their fertility is not stopped, and on top of it all, these cats are left to fend for themselves.

Tuffy the kitty lived in one such colony. Unlike the other cats, he was semi-feral. Tuffy was wary of humans, but not as wild as a true feral cat. He got a second chance to life by a kind man who found Tuffy rummaging in his backyard. Knowing that the cat was frequenting his yard, he started giving it food. It went on for a few months, and Tuffy was getting closer and closer to the man. Eventually, he called the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association who managed to trap the poor cat.

While he wasn’t in a bad condition, he had sinus issues and his eyes were damaged. He was also positive on FIV+, so he couldn’t stay with other cats in the center. Tuffy was incredibly calm when the vets treated the infections with antibiotic eye creams. In a few weeks and after many treatments, Tuffy was finally healthy. His character was beginning to emerge too, and bit by bit, he opened up to people.

It took a lot of patience and work, but he got better. VOKRA posted his progress online, and Tuffy made a lot of fans. During the process, vets established that he lived just under a decade in the colony, and that time took a toll on his health. He was transferred to a rescue shelter with other FIV+ positive cats, and is doing quite better.

Hopefully, he’ll have a great time with his new buddies, and he’ll make a full recovery. We hope that he gets adopted soon, as he deserves to get all the love in the world.