A Small Kitten Saves Family from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Overnight

Who says that kittens won’t save their owners if need be? This isn’t a treat exclusive to dogs, as cats can save their families too. Even a small one – just ask the Stamper’s from Michigan. They owe their lives to their four-month old kitten, Thor, after the managed to wake them up overnight due to deadly monoxide poisoning.

Heidi Stamper woke up in the middle of the night to Thor’s loud meows. It was quite uncharacteristic, so she assumed something was up. To make things worse, Thor acted sick, and his condition greatly improved after she took him outside. The kitten continued crying until all the family members were up. The gas built up in the house after a power outage caused the garage door to close with a portable generator inside.

Luckily, the Fire Department got there in time and everything turned out for the best. Heidi and her children were flown to a hospital in Toledo and received immediate care that saved them. Her story was incredible and instantly went viral online. Thor was certainly rewarded with head rubs and plenty of nice food, and the tiny hero deserved it.