A Small “Town” Built – Just for Stray and Homeless Cats!

The northern province of Samsun, Turkey is an area which is now reserved completely for housing stray cats.

It’s called the “cat town.” This facility was created within a forest area. The Samsun Metropolitan Municipality decided to build the facility over a course of a two year period in order to provide a safe and comfortable home environment more than 50 stray /or homeless cats.

The animal shelter actually rescues cats from the street and then spays and neuters them. Afterwards, the cats are brought to live inside the cat town. The town doesn’t discriminate at all in regards to age or based on the health status of any cat. They even accept special needs kitties.

Hüseyin Aydin is the resident vet and manager of this animal shelter and tends to all of the sick cats which living within the facility. Aydin treats all of the cats before they are released to live with the others.

The town actually has a series of bridges, walking tracks and bungalows for cats to live in either alone or if they so choose, with other cats. The main goal of the team at this terrific facility is that the cats can live out the rest of their lives happy and healthy.

Aydin has suggested that the facility is a lot like a five-star hotel for felines. Anything that the cats could possibly need is provided by the facility.

Best news of all, they are always looking to expand and improve!