A Stray Mama Cat is Happy to be Reunited with Her Cute Kittens at a Shelter

Mindy Brocato from the Anne Arundel animal shelter recently rescued a cat called Toodles from a vicious dog attack. Toodles was a stray who had a litter of babies recently, but Mindy didn’t know that initially. After bringing the poor cat to the shelter for medical help, the staff noticed that she’s nursing. However, her kittens were nowhere to be found.

Instant Search

The staff didn’t waste a lot of time. They immediately get back to Toodles’ location and asked everyone in the vicinity if they saw any kittens. The litter was found under a mobile home. There were five kittens who couldn’t wait to see their momma once again.

Mindy and her colleagues brought them to the shelter and rushed them to Toodles. She was happy to be reunited with her kittens and instantly started cuddling them and comforting their cries.

A few days later, residents in the area around the mobile home where the litter was found heard faint cries of another kitten. It was the 6th one from the same litter, and it didn’t take long for it to be reunited with his family.

We’re lucky that they’re finally together in a warm bed and getting all the food they need. Once the kittens grow up, they will be put up for adoption. Here’s hoping they find a loving home.