Stray Momma Cat Shows Her Beautiful Kittens Who Kept Her Alive by Feeding Her Before

Cats are often thought of as cold creatures, but they can actually be caring and grateful. If you don’t believe us, this story will surely show it. Shea A Prior from Irvington spotted a stray cat in her garden a few months ago. The cat wandered in every day and was very shy. Shea wasn’t going to let it leave without a few pats on the head and some food, so she started feeding it every day.

One day while feeding the cat, she noticed that she was lactating. The cat obviously gave birth to a litter of kittens, and Shea wondered where they are. She started telling the cat to show her the kittens. She bet they were real beauties.

Surprisingly, the cat understood what Shea was saying, and took her to meet the kittens the next day. They were nearby, and the cat was proud to show them to the woman who fed her. The little furballs looked OK, and while they were initially scared, their shyness went away pretty soon.

There were a total of 5 kittens with the cat, and she decided to adopt them. For now, everything is going great, and Shea is hoping that she’ll find forever homes for them all.