Two Guys Feed A Scared Stray Cat, Later On – She Returns With Her Tiny Kittens!

Two guys had decided to feed a stray cat. They went ahead and put food out for the wee one and then just left because she was obviously too scared and nervous to eat in front of them. This became a ritual and went on for several months. Slowly but surely, the cat was less and nervous around people.

Then, on one fateful day, she surprised the two men by bringing along her entire litter of kittens to meet them. In the end, the men spent about an hour or so gathering up all the furries as they certainly weren’t about to let those babies be raised in the streets, even though they certainly did have one terrific mama!

The two kind men decided to bring the mama and her litter indoors. Things were a bit hard at first as none of the kittens were willing to come out of their crates. They just kinda seemed to sit there not knowing what to do. Eventually, one by one, they all came out and before too much time went by and they were bouncing around and having fun just as kittens should be doing.

The proud mama cat was finally able to relax and was able to nurse her kittens in peace. The whole family was together and safe and the two guys then began to search for homes for the kittens and their sweet mama!