A Tiny Brown Kitten and Her Sis Hug Everyone Until They Find a New Forever Home

Cats are often more than willing to do anything it takes to find a new forever home. This is just that kind of story. A few months ago, Melissa and Tyler Lucas took two tiny kittens from a local shelter in their foster home. The kittens were black and brown and named Ida and Izzy. They were part of the same litter and literally inseparable all day long.

It didn’t take long for Melissa to realize that they must be adopted in pair. They were found abandoned by their mom and were brought to a local shelter. Out of the two Ida is the feisty one, while Izzy is more loving. They complement each other pretty well according to their foster mom.

Just a couple of days after they were fostered, they started showing their true colors. As it seems, the kittens only wanted to cuddle all day long, and that’s precisely what Melissa provided. Both kittens needed assisting with their feeding, but they got around it in a few days.

Both girls are obsessed with their humans. Whenever they spot them they climb on their backs or shoulders and just want to snuggle. It’s super-hard to be productive even a little bit with them in the room, but those are pleasant worries that Melissa and Tyler don’t mind. We hope that the kittens get adopted in pair. They deserve a lovely and warm home.