A Tiny Shelter Kitten Asks a Couple to Take It Home with Them Shamelessly

Some people dream about getting a kitten or a pup as a kid only to have their dreams shattered by their parents. Sometimes, people like to get a pet, but are stopped in their tracks by their partners. But, some partners have more understanding than others, like we’ll see in this article.

The young lady you can see in the pictures has dreamed about getting a tiny kitten as a pet for quite a while. Her parents weren’t so fond of the idea, but they decided they should get a pet for her on her next birthday. When the day came, they took her to a shelter to pick the pet she likes the most. As they walked through the boxes, the little girl’s eyes lit up when she met Luna.

Luna is a fluffy black and white kitten saved from the streets. She literally looked the girl and her parents in their eyes and begged to go home with them. The little girl was clear – she wanted that kitten and no other. She leaned against the cage and the kitten showered her with snuggles and love.

It didn’t take long for the documents to get penned up. The lovely kitty played the begging card and it worked. It was a win-win for everyone – Luna got the kitten of her dreams, and the kitten got a loving and warm home. The kitten initially had a spay surgery scheduled, but Luna didn’t mind waiting for a bit. When the kitten got in their home, it was clear it was the right choice.

We hope that they have a lot of laughs and giggles, because the young lady and Luna both deserve it.