Affectionate Ginger Cat Simply Cannot Stop Loving His Human!

It’s a very common misconception that our cats are not always affectionate -that they don’t need human beings in their livs to have a happy life.  Although our kitties are extremely more independent than dogs are and each has his or her own unique personality, they still do love their humans and have simple and subtle ways of making their love known.

There are some kitties that love cuddling just as much as dogs do and they actually have a reputation as the friendliest and most affectionate in the feline world and seem much more interested and content to sit on their humans’ laps than being off by themselves.

This is Jake, who is clearly – the most affectionate cat in the entire world. He absolutely loves and adores his human so much that he simply can’t stop giving her loads of kitty kisses and cuddles. As you will clearly see in the adorable video below, Jake shows just how much he loves his human by giving lots of kitty cuddles and plenty of head butts

Be sure to watch the sweet video just below!