After a Month of Separation, It’s an Emotional Reunion Between a Cat and Her Best Blind Dog Buddy

Cats and dogs are mortal enemies, but only if they don’t live in the same home. If they grow up together, you’d be surprised how great they can get along. Don’t believe us? Let us tell you the story of Coco the blind dog and her best bud Jasper the cat.

Coco is a 14-year old dog who lost her eyesight due to SARDS (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome). She’s been blind for the past 5 years, but that hasn’t stopped her from enjoying life. Coco is a very social dog that loves spending time with his humans. She also loves cuddling with Jasper, a cat friend that gives her all the love and support she needs.

A Month of Separation

Recently, Coco and Jasper were separated when their mom needed to relocate for work for a month. It was a tough time for both. The woman took Coco with her, while Jasper stayed at home. The two best buddies were surely looking forward to meeting again in a month, and their reunion was emotional.

Of course, it was all caught on video and shared online later. Once Coco goes through the door, Jasper leaves anything to catch up with his blind bud. It’s pure love and emotion, and a video that will certainly make your day. Check it out below: