After Living Outside in a Box, a Momma Cat is Reunited with Her Kitties in a Warm Home

Stray cats need our help, especially in the middle of winter. One momma cat was recently found with a litter of kittens on the streets of LA. She didn’t have a safe spot, living in a box with scarce meals while caring for her tiny babies. Luckily, she was found by some kind people who immediately got in touch with Alley Cat Rescue.

It was a stressful time for the momma. She anxiously went left and right between the kittens, and was gone out of sight soon. They managed to take the kittens back to the center, where they were checked by a vet and out on bottle feeders. But, the goal was to reunited the family, and the rescuers didn’t give up.

It took a day, but the momma was back with her kittens the following night. They find her close to the spot, and as soon as she heard her kittens meow, she came running. She’s a loving mom and a grateful guest in the new foster home. A few weeks later, everyone was doing fine. The kittens put on some weight and were as mischievous as it gets. Thanks to the timely rescue, they’re thriving.

It won’t be long before they find forever homes. We hope they all get the love they need and find homes that will shower them with food, affection, and pets and belly rubs every day.