An Older Cat Comes to a Woman’s Porch Hiding Its Paws and Crying for Help

A few weeks ago, one woman was surprised when a cat appeared on her porch meowing. As soon as she heard the noise, she went outside to see what’s the ruckus. The cat was obviously older and was strangely hiding its paws and crying out, so the woman quickly realized that it was in need of help.

She carefully put the cat inside her car and drove to a vet. As it turns out, the poor kitty was suffering from a painful condition and needed medical attention. The vet told the lady that it’s around 10 years old and probably got to her porch trying to find help. Fortunately, the condition is manageable, so the vet put the cat on special therapy right away.

Week by week, the cat got stronger and stronger and the pain subsided. Now, she’s finally pain-free and ready to continue her life with her new mom. Take a look at its story in the video below: