Artist Illustrates Her Crazy Life With Two Cats Through 18 Hilarious Comics!

Here, an artist by the name of Vernessa Himmler shows us the life of a cat person through her hilarious comics. The artist derive her inspiration from her two adorable white cats Mikosch and Koschka, who she adopted from a local animal shelter some years back.

“I began creating cat comics on Instagram to share my life as a crazy cat lady and the awkward and funny moments of my two cat, and while many of my comics depict the headaches cats can bring, they are still such wonderful pets,” Vernessa has stated.

Her artwork carries a very lighthearted tone and very pleasing to the eyes, which is surely a great way for you to take off that stress from your day job. Be sure to scroll down to see some of her funniest strips, and be sure to take her look at her page on social platforms.

Illustration credits: Website | Instagram