Artist Illustrates The Differences Between Cats And Dogs, And The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing

No matter your choice, both cats and dogs are great. They are different, though, and express their love in different ways. This is the main reason why there are dog and cat people and one artist recently decided to illustrate the difference between both pets in a funny way.

Jimmy Craig started the “They Can Talk” comic in 2015 and gained quite a few followers. He says that he always loved animals and is trying to give them voice. He’s pretty much on point – the illustrations are not far from the truth, although it’s wrapped up to look funny. “I think that they have their own personas like us and that it’s very interesting to imagine them having a conversation,” he says.

Jimmy is on “Team Dog”, but that doesn’t mean he hates cats. He says that he and his wife are adopting 2 cats in a few weeks and is excited by the new arrivals in their family. Take a look at his hilarious illustrations below:

1. Their love of experimentation

2. A wide range of intelligence levels.

3. Sending mixed signals.

4. Over-excitement.

5. They do say curiosity killed the cat.

6. How rude.

7. Needing some personal space.

8. Redecorating your home.

9. Appreciation for the cooking channel.

10. What’s the password?

11. Seriously?

12. What’s happening?!

13. No one understands me.

14. Strange…very strange.

15. NOPE!

16. Come on, man!

17. Getting strategic.

18. Not quite…

19. Ruh roh!

20. You’re welcome.