Artist Creates Beautiful Giant Cats Sculpted From Bushes – And They’re Awesome!

Richard Saunders is a great British artist who has created some of the amazing pieces of architecture. He has done a fabulous job while creating these amazing cat statutes that look as real as a cat.These cats have lured the hearts of many people all over the world. Have a look at some of them!

This kitty is awed by the beautiful blue sky. We feel the same about you little kitty.

Did you just get confused for a moment there? Well, this may not be a real cat, but it is really adorable.

This is surely a beautiful site to look at.

Who would like this plush green kitty in their garden?

Keep it down. Don’t disturb the kitty.

Would someone like a nap on this sunny day?

Did we just rescue a cat or this cat rescued us?

This birdy just got scared of the huge kitty. Well, the kitty will do a good job keeping the birds at bay.