Black Cat Caught Brilliantly Using a Door Knocker in Viral Facebook Video

Every now and then, a video of an animal doing something totally incredible goes viral, and each time we humans are less worthy of the gift. Very recently, Sheekilah Jones shared a video on Facebook of a black cat using a door knocker.

As you can clearly see, the cat sits perched on the handrail leading up to the white door of the red brick home, stretching the tiny paw up to reach the gold knocker. It’s quite honestly the cutest thing I’ve seen since that border collie saved the tiny chihuaha from being hit by an SUV in Canada.

“I’m either seeing things because it’s 6 a.m.,” Sheekilah writes, “Or this cat is actually knocking the door?”

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t capture whether or not the homeowner(s) did end up answering the door or not—and nobody knows whether they’re even the cat’s humans. Regardless, this is truly one amazing moment caught on video! Enjoy!