Blind Cat And His Seeing-Eye Sister Only Wish To Be Adopted Together

Meet Ray who is a stunning Himalayan and his sister-from-another-mister, a Calico cutie named Bea. They were taken over to Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter on September 21, 2017.

When the two arrived at the shelter, the rescuers were completely shocked to see both of them were malnourished, Ray had serious eye issues and he was blind in both. Amazingly, Bea seemed to somehow understand Ray’s difficult life, so she follows Ray wherever he goes and helps her blind friend. Ray also knows to rely on Bea to lead him with her tail when they get to new locations.

Bea literally became Ray’s eyes and they’re always together. Therefore, the staff at the shelter just knew they were a bonded pair and would have to be adopted together and of course, that is not an easy thing as adopters just wanted to adopt Bea.

Some time had passed and this adorable pair was still waiting for someone who is willing to adopt them. Perhaps potential adopters are concerned about Ray’s blindness. After all of that, Ray and Bea’s story was shared on the Front Street Animal Shelter Facebook page in the hopes of finding them a family. Thankfully, they finally found a forever home after some long months of being overlooked.

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