Boston Officers Construct a Comfortable ‘Home’ for a Beloved Stray Cat

Meet SWAT Cat: The Beloved Mascot of Boston’s SWAT Team

The Unlikely Companion

Four years ago, an endearing calico cat wandered into the Boston Police Department’s SWAT team headquarters and decided it was her new home. Affectionately named SWAT Cat by the team, this sweet-natured feline quickly became more than just a mascot; she became a beloved companion to the officers.

A Furry Friend’s Impact

The presence of SWAT Cat has been a source of comfort for the officers. Each day, she greets them upon their return from calls, offering a moment of peace and companionship.

Her refusal to live indoors, despite the team’s best efforts, speaks to her independent spirit. A spokesperson for the department shared, “The men and women of the BPD SWAT Team have tried various tactics over the years to encourage her to come inside, but she remains set in her ways.”

A Special Home for SWAT Cat

Realizing SWAT Cat’s preference for outdoor life, Officer Jamie Pietroski, a 15-year veteran, dedicated several nights to constructing a special home for her.

This unique cat condo symbolizes the team’s care and affection for their furry friend. While the team hopes SWAT Cat will eventually choose the warmth and safety of indoor life, they respect her independence. For now, they find comfort in knowing she has a cozy place of her own right outside their door.

This heartwarming tale of SWAT Cat not only highlights the bond between humans and animals but also sheds light on the softer side of law enforcement. SWAT Cat’s story is a beautiful reminder of the unexpected friendships that enrich our lives.