Burglar Cat Brings All Kinds of Stuff Home, but One Thing Has Mortified His Owner

Everyone knows that cats like to bring things they find outside back home. These gifts range from a simple leaf to a dead mouse or a chipmunk. Yep, that’s how much they value their owners – by bringing them gnarly gifts that can leave many mortified. Just ask Rachel Masterman – her cat kleptomaniac brings pretty weird stuff back home, but she never expected to see a sex toy on her doorstep.

Rachel Masterman from Caldicot, Wales, was shocked when her cat brought a sex toy home. She was accustomed to dead animals and other kinds of things, but recently she brought the sex toy for a pretty shocking sight. Rachel’s 12 year old asked her what it was, and she had no answer. Don’t judge her – would you?

After sharing the post on Facebook it went viral in a few hours. Everyone sees the funny side in her antics, but Rachel is hoping that the cat brings no sex toy back home ever again.