Burglar Tries to Sneak His Way into a House Until He Comes Face to Face with Its Guardian

When anyone thinks of a pet protector or house guard, they think about a dog. However, cats can be very effective guards too. Just ask a recent Nottinghamshire burglar. The poor fellow was on all fours trying to sneak his way to a home while evading cameras only to come face-to-face with its guardian.

Hilarious CCTV Footage

The CCTV video shows a burglar on all fours trying to find a way to break into one home. It was posted by the Nottinghamshire police on their Facebook page, and it didn’t take long before it went viral.

It shows a would-be cat burglar caught on camera facing a cat. He was wearing a wool hat and a scarf over his face to conceal his identity. It didn’t work – the police quickly identified him as Mark Lawson, a 42-year old from Nottinghamshire.

The police jokingly credited the family protector with all the work. As for Lawson, he has been sentenced to 12 months in prison for a charge of attempted burglary. Great job, kitty.