Cat Accidentally Presses Button on Laptop and Wins the Grant

You ever saw one of those videos where cats are obsessed by an iPad or any other device screen for that matter? Mochi the cat isn’t an exception. The cute cat loves screens so much that it sometimes even sleeps on one. This time, however, Mochi’s obsession with screens hit a whole new level. He fell asleep on his owner’s laptop and caused an accident with a happy end.

Jessica Schleider, Mochi’s owner, is a professor of psychology at the Stony Brook University. In order to continue the work on her dissertation, Jessica needed funding. She was looking for at least $100,000 which is not a small sum at all. Jessica was a bit nervous before applying as she wanted everything to be perfect.

One day, she went for a walk with her pooch in order to clear her head. Mochi stayed home, asleep on the couch. Jessica never realized that she left her touch-screen laptop open, and Mochi’s love for screens made him fall asleep on it. The cat’s head rested against the screen, incidentally pressing submit on the application. When Jessica came back home, she saw what happened, but there was no way of cancelling the application.

Although anxious and afraid of being rejected, a week later positive news arrived. Mochi’s mom got he much-awaited grant and she’s currently working full-time on her dissertation. Who says cats don’t care for their humans?