Overly Friendly Cat Interrupts TV Interview and Steals The Entire Show

An adorable cat who lives at a horse stable out in Finland wanted to say hello to her human just as the cameras stared rolling for a TV interview. This affectionate calico kitty helps her human Matias Salo, who is a horse racing coach, run the horse stable. It is her job to make sure all the guests at the stable feel welcome, and by all accounts she does a very good job.

When Joanna Kuvaja, who is a TV show host, arrived at the stable to interview Matias, the friendly cat saw a purr-fect opportunity to make her feel welcome and show some affection. Just as soon as the camera started rolling the friendly calico saw her human, ran right up to him, hopped on his lap and gave Matias a big huge hug while he was right in the middle of answering a question. She then decided to climb over onto his shoulder to give her favorite human a few more face rubs.

After giving her human some much needed cuddles with plenty of purrs included, she then moved onto Joanna which took her completely by surprise. It was quite impossible for Joanna to keep a straight face with kitty rubbing herself against her. Joanna laughed and states, “I can’t say anything because of the purring. Do I have something on my shoulder?”

What an amazing moment!