Cat Is Scared By Puma Running On TV In Front Of Him

It doesn’t take much to spook the heck out of some people – a horror movie that friends have promised ‘isn’t even scary’, a peculiar bump in the night or perhaps just spotting a spider in your peripheral vision (just to realize it’s just a ball of dust)…

However, what about footage of a puma running in slow motion on a TV screen? That’s precisely what freaked out this poor little cat, who ran for the hills within split seconds of spotting it. On 5 March, Titan the cat was just quietly and calmly cleaning his paws, minding his own business, in his living room with his humans in Texas. Suddenly, a running puma appeared on the TV screen right in front of him – at which point Titan turned his head and darted away as if his very life depended on it! Titan’s owner Nooshin Gomnam said: “It was totally unexpected, we were just filming him randomly like we often do.”

The hilarious footage was uploaded onto their Instagram page dedicated to the other cat Titan lives with, a Siamese cat named Nova, with the caption: “He wasn’t expecting that at all.” Other Instagrammers felt bad for the poor fella, with one writing sympathetically: “I’d crap my pants to seeing that.”

Another viewer of the clip was ‘so cute’, while another took a stab at thinking what was going through Titan’s mind at the time, saying: “‘Holy shit, I’m out!!’ LMAO.” Watch the video for yourself just below!