Cat Begs to Be Taken in by Kind People, A Month Later They Discover It’s Going to be a Momma

Would you help a friend in need? Scratch that – would you help a kitten found on the street? Some cats are not even shy about asking for help. That’s what happened recently at the Kuwait Animal Aid center which came across a calico cat begging to get inside. There was obviously some emergency to it, and the center helped the cat settle in. They quickly found a shelter home for her and there was no reason to suspect anything since she was healthy.

The cat ate and got a lot of sleep every day – living along on the street must have been hard. She had a bit of tummy issues and was underweight, so they put her on a special regimen. It took nothing more than a few weeks for her to regain the lost pounds. She was looking much better with three extra pounds on her frame. However, that also set off an alarm for one of the rescuers. Alina Lazaryeva took it to her mind to check if the cat’s pregnant a month after taking it in, and to their surprise, it definitely was.

Knowing she was in good hands; the cat was completely relaxed. When the time came, she gave birth to six healthy kittens. She’s been an amazing mother, and as soon as they’re ready, they will hopefully find loving homes. It’s easier with kittens knowing how people like to get them as small as possible.

The litter of six is doing well, and they’re so cute when they communicate with their momma. What they will never know is that if it hasn’t been for the Kuwait Animal Aid centre and their momma’s pleas for help, they would have never seen the beautiful light of day.