Cat Discovered with a Sad Note Hides a Sweet Surprise Behind Her Blanket

BonBon’s Unexpected Discovery

In Corpus Christi, Texas, a feline found solace on a cozy gray bed near an apartment community. A note, requesting assistance, was fastened to mailboxes close by. Kayla, employed at the apartment leasing office, was notified by a colleague about the stray kitten.

cat with blanked

A Helping Hand for a Feline Family

Upon investigation, Kayla, a Coastal Bend Cat Rescue volunteer, discovered a mother cat, named BonBon, resting with a towel draped over her and three newborn kittens. Realizing the cat was still in labor, Kayla helped deliver the fourth kitten before bringing the feline family indoors.

cat with her youngs

Foster Care and a Brighter Future

Seeking aid, Kayla contacted her mother and the rescue organization. With their support, Kayla’s mother agreed to foster BonBon and her four adorable kittens. Despite their challenging beginning, the furry family is thriving in their new home.

please help note

BonBon’s Gratitude and Loving Nature

The rescue shared on Facebook, “Bonbon has been an exceptional mother to her kittens, who are flourishing in foster care. They’re growing rapidly, playing, and wrestling together. Eating remains their top priority, and Mama Bonbon ensures they’re all healthy and growing!” BonBon is appreciative of the safe environment to raise her kittens, often showing gratitude to her foster mom.

cat with new born kittens

The Journey to Forever Homes

Lindsay Haglund, a Coastal Bend Cat Rescue board member, commented, “The mother cat is incredibly gentle and loving. You can almost feel her gratitude. She purrs, kneads dough, and cherishes her foster mom, ensuring an easy adoption when the time comes.” Once BonBon’s kittens are old enough, they will be transferred to a local no-kill shelter to find their forever homes.

new born kittens