Cat Doing Pullups? On a Tree?! Yes, You’re Not Imaging Things

Everyone of us likes to stay in shape by regular exercise, although to be honest, we could be more physically active than we brag to be. We don’t think animals need the same exercise, but some obviously do. At least the cat on the pic needs such exercise so it can pump those guns up and stay in shape.

A few weeks ago, a Reddit user posted a strange pic that looked Photoshopped to many initially. It showed his cat doing pullups on a tree, which is the stuff of dreams. Called Biter, the cat’s owner snapped more than a few pics of the cat doing pullups after heading to the yard when it disappeared from home.

The cat obviously wanted to stay ripped and that’s why it left the comfort of the home. In reality, it probably got caught up on the branch somehow, resulting in it hanging in there (see what we did?).

Anyway, it’s a good reminder to do a few rounds of pullups – we should stay physically active, especially in these pandemic times.