Cat Finds the Right Home And Gets Adopted by the Family That Already Has Her Sibling

Finding the Right Home for a Stray Cat

About three months ago, Allison Ilcken’s household gained an unexpected visitor. A feline friend, later named Lottie (or Charlotte), was frequently spotted scrounging for food near her home. In a consistent pattern, she would make an appearance around 4-5 PM, just in time for a meal provided by the generous family.

After observing Lottie’s recurring visits, Allison, who also fosters animals for AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue, realized this was more than a casual friendship. “Lottie came and went for about three days, then disappeared for a week or two, only to return later,” Allison recounted to Love Meow.

Since no one in the area seemed interested in claiming her, Allison and her family took the next logical step. They set a humane trap and successfully ushered the frightened feline to a safer environment.

From Fearful to Friendly: Lottie’s Transformation

Initially, Lottie displayed signs of extreme fear, such as hissing and swatting. A quiet space filled with treats and comforting words slowly changed her demeanor. Although she attempted to conceal herself under a blanket at first, she gradually warmed up to back rubs and even started to relish chin scratches. “It took about a week for her to feel slightly comfortable, but the most noticeable change happened after her spay procedure,” said Allison.

Interestingly, Lottie bore an uncanny resemblance to Berlioz, another feline Allison’s family had fostered about six months earlier. Both cats were rescued from the same neighborhood and shared similar physical characteristics. A visit to the vet nearly confirmed what the family suspected—Lottie and Berlioz were most likely siblings.

A Family Reunited: Bellatrix and Professor

Around the same time, the couple who had adopted Berlioz (now named Professor) found out about his long-lost sister, Lottie. After much consideration, they decided to expand their family by adopting Lottie, now renamed Bellatrix. The first few days in her new home were a bit rocky; Bellatrix was noticeably anxious and spent most of her time in a specially designed ‘security cave bed’.

However, it didn’t take long for her to adjust and start interacting with her adoptive parents. Within a week, she was exploring her new surroundings, playing with toys, and seeking affection. The true highlight came when she was reunited with her brother, Professor. Though initially hesitant, Professor soon warmed up to Bellatrix’s enthusiastic playfulness. Nowadays, the two are inseparable, whether they’re chasing each other around the house or cuddling up for a well-deserved rest.

This heartwarming tale not only underlines the importance of fostering and adoption but also shows that sometimes, family ties in the animal kingdom can be as strong and meaningful as they are in the human world.