Cat Goes To The Groomer And Returns Home Looking Like This

In the summer, many people will choose to shave all the fur off of their pets.

Jin Jin is a gorgeous Persian!. His owner, whose name is Xie Qian Qian, likes to shave his fur. Oftentimes Jin Jin gets a style that makes him look like a lion – the only fur he has left is on his head and tail. Here is Jin Jin with all his glorious fur.

At Jin Jin’s most recent visit to the groomer, there was apparently a miscommunication, and Jin Jin now looks like this.

Jin Jin’s husband wasn’t very pleased when he saw it, however, he and Jin Jin were soon laughing about the whole thing. Poor Jin Jin looks as though he is wearing a mask – a cat wearing a cat mask!

Slowly but surely, Jin Jin’s hair has grown back, and he once again looks like his usual self.