Cat Hilariously Dyes Itself Black and Has Many Regrets Later, which is Even Funnier

Cats are known to do crazy things. If you’ve ever had a cat in your lifetime, you know how bonkers they can be. They love being in the center of attention and have a flair for the dramatic. That certainly describes Cami, a cat with a dramatic personality that has recently dyed herself black. You read that right – the cat dyed her fur black and definitely has regrets over that decision.

A Cat in a Not So Typical Situation

Cami’s owner, Rachel, says that she’s just like other cats with one big different in personality – she’s pretty dramatic. Recently, Cami put herself in an unusual situation and has instantly regretted it.

One day while Cami’s dad was cleaning the furnace, she snuck in to make things worse. The job wasn’t nearly as finished, and the cat swooped in to roll in all the mess without thinking about the consequences. After a few minutes spent in the mess, Cami instantly turned black. Rachel didn’t even recognize her for a moment, thinking a stray went in. She just came back from the mess and rolled on the floor like nothing ever happened with no care in the world.

Cami was covered in soot from head to toe. Of course, she had to be washed afterward. No cats are fond of baths, and neither is Cami. However, Rachel forced her to take a bath and the good news is that everything went smoothly.

Has your cat been in such a mess?