Cat Left Behind in an Apartment with a Litter of Four Shows Gratitude Toward the People That Helped Her

A few months ago in Ontario, Canada, a kitten was found abandoned in an apartment with a litter of four. Melissa, founder of the Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue center, received a call for help by neighbors who heard the cat meowing. It went on for days before they realized she’s been abandoned. The cat’s owners moved to another province, leaving the cat and her babies to fend for themselves.

After rescuing the family of five, Melissa gave Luna food. She was famished as she had to care for the babies. Once full, the cat headed back to nursing. She was finally calm. Even after that ordeal, it was surreal how calm the cat was. She was a bit scared at first, but it took only a day to show her gratitude. She was playful with everyone she met and was very pleased that she and her babies were rescued.

Melissa says that she’s one of the sweetest cats she met. She took Luna in and the cat loves her foster mom more than ever. She’s a great momma too, caring for the kittens all the time. When they sleep, she just wants to be with Melissa all the time. It seems that Luna is truly grateful for the rescue, and she’s showing it with kindness.

All four kittens are doing great and getting more mischievous by the day. They’re little balls of energy and fur, never missing the opportunity to sit in Melissa’s lap. In just a short time they’ll be available for adoption and we hope they find the home they all deserve.