Simba the Cat Scares Four Tonne Elephant

We all know how brave cats are. They can stand their ground against vicious dogs or other animals, and can scare away intruders too. A recent story from the Thailand confirms it, where a cat named Simba managed to scare away a 4-ton elephant from her garden.

Simba the Cat Scares Four Tonne Elephant

The friendly 35-year old elephant called Pai Salick often enters gardens in search for food. He’s a gentle giant, but still well capable of trampling down any animal or even a human with its 4-ton frame. Not cats, apparently. A shocking CCTV camera video recently emerged online showing a cat shooing away Pai with ease.

According to Amnat Norasin, a ranger, the elephant lives in the nearby woods and often comes to gardens overnight in search for food. Elephants are a protected animal in Thailand, so no one will do it harm.

The cat certainly doesn’t care about that, and its unwavering resolve saw Pai fleeing from the premises. There, you have another proof of the unwavering resolve cats have.

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