Cat Sees Rain for the First Time and Its Reaction is Absolutely Hilarious

A gut from the UK, Morgan Smith, recently adopted a rescued cat. He named her Betty and brought her home, and after the initial settling period, Betty was lucky to find a new home. She loves her dad and everything about her home, preferring to stay indoors. However, Betty also loves sitting by the window and looking outside. Sometimes, Morgan takes her outside in the garden, watching over her so she doesn’t take a hike.

A few weeks ago, Betty stood by the window as it started to rain. She’s never seen it before, and her reaction was too fun not to end up online. As soon as he noticed that she’s confused, Morgan took her outside to experience the rain. It was a sight he’ll never forget, with the cat being overwhelmed by the water falling from the sky.

When he took her back inside, she raced at the door to catch the rain. The video ended up on his Instagram profile and immediately went viral. We love her priceless reaction and can’t stop watching the video. What about you?