Cat Waits Patiently for Grandma to Fix His Fave Toy and We’re Loving It

Just like us, animals have favorite toys. Cats especially love their plushies – they can’t live without them. Don’t believe us? Just check out Lucas the cat who patiently waits for his grandma to fix his stuffed leopard.

The plushie is right around the same size as Lucas, and he was with him form the moment he arrived in his new home. Lucas’ fave toy is ragged and old, yet that doesn’t seem to faze the cat at all. He carried it wherever he went.

Lucas’ mom, Alana, says that they’re inseparable. However, the toy was getting in worse shape over time, and it needed more than a few fixes. When Alana’s mom moved in, the grandma decided to fix Lucas’ stuffed toy. In just a few hours, it was as good as new.

What’s surprising is that the cat patiently waited for the stuffed tiger to be fixed. It goes without saying that it was more than happy to see it livelier than ever. Lucas’ mom and grandma hopes that they can continue their beautiful friendship, and we hope so too.