Indecisive Cat Doesn’t Know Where to Hide His Toy and the Video Wins Over Thousands of Hearts

It only takes a single cat video to win the hearts of millions of people online. Such a video recently got the attention of many netizens, showing an indecisive cat. The kitty doesn’t know where to hide his toy, and that confusion was caught on a viral video that has melt all our hearts.

The video was shared on Reddit and got over 50K upvotes in just a few hours. It shows a tiny fluffball that doesn’t know where to hide his toy gift. The kitty’s funny and confused reaction got viral in a matter of hours, and once you watch it, you have to agree that it’s pretty funny.

If you’re looking for a video to make your day, this one surely will. Watch the indecisive fluff looking for an apt place for his toy – it’s as cute as it gets!