Video Of Dog Dragging Freezing Cat Into His Doghouse To Warm Kitty Back Up!

When it comes to animals, all of us have witnessed unusual friendships, however, this one has to be the sweetest of all. This particular one involves a rescue, a cat, and a dog. Sounds interesting, right?

This amazing story takes place during a harsh winter when just about everything was covered in huge piles of snow. One kind and fearless dog realizes how a kitten is freezing so he decides to come to her rescue.

The next time someone tells you that dogs and cats are born enemies, just show them this story. The doggy’s mom was surprised when she sees what her furry pet was doing so she decided to take a video and share it with the world.

As the dog headed to his doggy house, the cat finally realized the pup was only trying to help and she was relieved. Her new friend is glad to welcome her into his place, and she is happy to accept the generous offer. Be sure to watch the amazing rescue in the video below.