Clever Momma Cat Found with Her Litter Hidden in Plain Sight in a Bird’s Nest

Cat moms are ready to do anything to protect their children. That’s why they’re sometimes hostile when people get close to their litter of kittens. Whenever they sense danger, momma cats will move their kittens to a safe spot. We’ve seen this happen many times, with the cats often moving to secluded locations such as abandoned objects or even under houses.

This momma cat, though, took things to a whole new level. She was found with her three kittens high up in a bird’s nest, watching a tom cat circle the tree.

Safest Spot Ever

The cat was found by volunteers from Cats Protection. They’ve been alerted to a colony of cats living close to an industrial site in Buckinghamshire. When they arrived at the scene, they were shocked to find a dead kitten. They managed to track its mom and three of his siblings to a tree after a week of searching nearby gardens.

One morning, the mom showed up with a male cat. She ate well and it was obvious that she had kittens around. They didn’t know where, though, so they decide to follow the pair from a distance. Surprisingly, the momma cat was found feeding her kittens high up in a bird’s nest. The male was nearby as well. The team managed to catch the cat without a scratch and her kittens, giving them the medical attention they needed.

The staff says that they’re a very cute and loving family. She grooms her kittens all the time and is being a great mom. They’re now in foster care and as soon as they’re ready, Cats Protection hopes to have them all rehomed.