Meet Clock – Not the Mechanical Device, but the Tiniest Kitten That Finally Found a Loving Home

Clock the kitten was found on the street as the obvious runt of the litter. He can thank Jen Marder from Wrenn Rescues for it. While scrolling for posts about cats in need, she learned about a feline family that needed a foster home. All the kittens were cute, but Clock needed the most help. After all, he was the smallest kitty in the bunch.

After two weeks in a shelter, the kittens were no closer to finding a foster home. Jen had to step in and ensure they—and especially Clock—got the help they needed. While they were 6-8 weeks old, the kittens were malnourished, and little Clock had the weight of a 3-week old. Their momma, Goose, was only one. She weighed 5.4 pounds, and despite her struggles, she was very kind and loving. Everyone was worried the most about Clock. He wasn’t doing fine, and without Jen’s help, he wouldn’t have made it.

But, with a lot of feeding and help from Jen, little Clock doubled his weight in two weeks. Now out of the woods, she’s doing much better and is quite the character. A very vocal kitty, Clock loves playing with her mom and siblings, which is proof that the kitten that was once runt of the litter is doing great.

Now weighing five pounds, Jen and the Wrenn Rescue staff are looking have already lined up a home for her. Momma Goose is blossoming too besides her other kitties – she’s probably delighted that they’re all OK. Thanks to the help of kind people who shared this story and Jen too, Clock will finally live in a warm and loving home.